Zapp’s Voodoo Heat Chips

It seems that it is our good fortune that in 2011 UTZ brought the Zapp's line into there fold. If it was for that and the expansion into the midwest market we wouldn't have Zapp's Voodoo Heat potato chips in our area. I never really enjoyed chips before I discovered Voodoo Heat. So now I am a convert. The chips are kettle cooked in single batches which is most likely the reason they are so crispy. With just the right amount of heat and a very unique flavor. The popularity of this is making the "Voodoo Heat" verity hard to find. so I started ordering them from Walmart by the case. you can order them directly from UTZ. if you go to you get forwarded to the UTZ website. i have tried all but the "Evil Eye" variety. I might just have to order them directly from UTZ just to get to try them. But until i try them I will continue to enjoy the Voodoo Heat chips that my whole family loves.

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